Gaining a full picture of structural issues is an important part of processing legal and insurance claims. Hunter UAS will assist your business in gathering on-demand information in a fraction of the time compared to traditional methods—so you can work quickly to identify issues, fast track claims, and help clients make repairs. With a high-resolution aerial map in hand, locating damage—such as broken shingles, punctures and penetration, leaks, and cracks— is much more efficient. When a building sustains damage during a natural disaster, gathering timely and accurate information is crucial. Sometimes, of course, a site may not be accessible after a disaster. Even if it is, this process can take months with manual inspection methods. Hunter UAS helps make the inspection process faster, safer, and more manageable. Aerial imagery is more efficient than ground inspections — they give you a far greater set of data, which can be leveraged throughout the claims process.

“Aerial imagery is innovative technology that can improve the speed and efficiency of our property inspection process and help us deliver a faster, more modernized claim experience for our customers,” said Bonnie Lee, vice president of property claims at Allstate.

Roof Inspection and Maintenance
Eliminate the need for ladders and personnel on the roof by conducting aerial inspections using aerial imagery and 3D maps. Hunter UAS uses roofing software to automatically generate accurate measurements, so you can estimate material costs from the safety of your office.

Insurance Damage Claims
Streamline the claims process with aerial inspections. With Hunter UAS, you can gather imagery from a typical roof quickly and safely, then move on to the next claim. This allows your team to safely inspect unstable roofs and collect imagery in otherwise inaccessible locations, so you can analyze the data safely.

Insurance Appraisals and Estimates
Fast track insurance appraisals and estimates with aerial data. Thoroughly and safely inspect roofs and structures for faster, more accurate appraisals. Share maps, photos, and 3D models with collaborators instantly to kick off the process before your team even leaves the site.

3D Virtual Scanning
Leverage the power of 3D Virtual Scanning and get the fastest and most comprehensive loss documentation solution so you can close claims faster, enable remote viewing and adjusting, and reduce disputes in property claims. Click here to see more on 3D Virtual Scanning.