Successful oil and gas production in Alaska depends on an understanding of unique and equally harsh geospatial landscapes. Alaska has some of the most demanding weather and terrain conditions on the planet. And traversing this terrain from top to bottom can get very expensive very quickly using traditional methods. Unmanned aerial assets are the way of the future and conventional means of obtaining a view of a pipeline or oil operation are becoming obsolete. Hunter UAS provides a wide array of service capabilities to meet the demands of the oil and gas industry, here are just a few:

Pipeline Surveillance
Aerial survey of pipeline structure, remote gate valves, below ground piping, bridge piping, and all other company property along the pipeline without leaving the road system. This reduces the operating cost of any conventional means of obtaining aerial footage and gives your supervisors the ability to schedule more frequent surveillances. Aerial data, in the form of high resolution images and high definition video, can be used for project planning and reconnaissance. Also, aerial surveillance of utility workers and vehicles can be obtained as they traverse rough terrain and river crossings; providing a "scout" like asset available in unknown conditions.

Pipeline and Contractor Security
In the event of an oil spill or other major pipeline related operation in remote area, it’s a good idea to keep the employees focused on the job at hand and not worried about the conditions surrounding them. Hunter UAS can deploy unmanned systems to patrol the surrounding job site keeping an eye in the sky for oncoming wildlife or unauthorized personnel.

Communications and Structures
Communication structures and towers are an extreme hazard to inspect and maintain on a regular basis, especially when the base of the tower starts at 5,000 feet above sea level. Aerial data is the only tool available today to safely inspect and maintain these structures without incurring additional risks. Alaska's rough weather conditions can be very unforgiving, and risking a fall from extreme heights in a remote location just doesn’t seem worth the risk at all. Click here to read more on Tower & Structural Inspection.

Thermal Imaging
Combine visible and thermal imagery in real time so you do not lose track of possible trouble areas in a thermal scan. All images and video will be recorded in both visual and thermal formats to improve data review. Monitor and measure temperatures of your site from a specific point to a wide general area.  This allows you the ability to measure a variety of structures and locations with the precision needed for your inspection.