In the booming—and highly competitive—solar industry, efficiency is crucial to your company’s success. Whether you install solar panels, inspect and repair large arrays, or survey land for solar farm prospecting, Hunter UAS can increase both safety and efficiency. Here’s how:

Solar Panel Installation and Design
Use a roof analysis report to accurately measure roofs or generate 3D models for site planning and energy harvest estimates. Both maps and 3D models can quickly be integrated into industry software for an efficient and improved design process.

Panel Inspection on Solar Farms
Solar panels often overheat, go offline, or require maintenance due to excess dust, scratches, or mechanical deficiencies. It’s time-consuming and unreliable to inspect them from the ground. Improve your efficiency by conducting drone-based thermal inspections from the sky. Get thermal maps and quickly detect broken photocells in panels faster than ever before.

Survey Property for Solar Farm Prospecting
In the competitive world of solar farm prospecting, it’s challenging to generate purchase bids quickly. By surveying land and creating digital terrain models with unmanned aircraft, you can cut this process down to days, instead of weeks. The Result: faster turnaround times and a leg up on your competition.